About Orion Behavioral Health

Orion Behavioral Health is dedicated to the well-being of our clients. Implementing impeccable addiction services with compassionate, empathetic care, we are able to individually care for each person. Keeping a low client intake as well as providing customized addiction recovery plans, each client has the tools, resources, and guidance to fully get better.

With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, clients can get the recovery services they need. Nearly half of all addictions concern a mental illness. Dual diagnosis addresses these conditions simultaneously with the drug addiction. It is the only way to ensure that you will be able to stay off drugs long after you have left rehab.

What you need to know

1How long does treatment last?
Each recovery program is different for each person, but the majority of the time treatment lasts from 30 to 90 days at Orion.
2Do I have to attend group therapy?
Yes. We require all our clients to attend and speak at group therapy sessions because it is extremely effective in allowing you to understand the nature of addiction and receive insightful advice on how to combat it.
3What is aftercare?
Aftercare is the customized treatment program that will be implemented when you go to leave our facilities. Much of it will be a continuation of your treatment in rehab, but administered on your own time, in your own way.

Supervised Detox
Go through the withdrawal symptoms in the most safe and comfortable environment possible.
After Care Services
When you go to leave our drug rehab center, you will have all the necessary resources and guidance to remain sober long-term.
Therapy Sessions
With group and individual therapy, you will get down to the root cause of your addiction, vent your problems, and receive effective solutions.
Dual Diagnosis
Get the treatment nearly half of people with addictions need by addressing your overall mental health, not just the addiction.

We help you get back in motion.

We are standing by to answer your questions, address your concerns, or simply act as quiet listener. Call us today to set up a free consultation, you won’t regret it.